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Global Citizens

Pen Pals

Students are given the opportunity to exchange emails with their counter parts in foreign countries and form cross border friendships. The idea is to share and understand the similarities and differences in the school system, methods of learning, and appreciate the cultural dimensions of another country.

Collaborative Projects

This program is facilitated by the Schools Online Program of the British Council where schools can collaborate on projects of their choice. Data is gathered on similar criteria and the results exchanged, leading to discussions, knowledge sharing and possible action plans. This collaboration fosters a deeper understanding of actual issues faced by communities and explores the possibilities of applying universal solutions.


VIVIDH facilitates embedding of international awareness and global citizenship within the class and the school through International Dimension in Schools Award. International Dimension in Schools is a collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of international partner schools and the involvement of the wider community.
We are focussed on the following projects
1. Litereria Shakespeareana
2. Fascinated Multicultural Folk Fete.
3. Junk to Bank- Zero waste
4. Pinkalicious posies across the country.
5. Affordable Clean Energy across the globe.
6. Gender Equality through Courteous Citizenship
7. World Magnificent Rivers
In collaboration with countries like UK, USA, Russia, Ireland, Japan, South America, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Canada and many more……..

Cultural and Student Exchange Programs

Student level interactions through email and projects lead to a limited understanding of the culture and practices of the partner school. To promote a deeper and richer understanding, VIVIDH would like to join the student exchange programs. Here, students from partner schools would visit and stay for a week, and get a chance to immerse, interact and experience the culture, food, traditions, climate of the region and expand their world view.

Entrepreneurial Skill Development Programs

VIVIDH plans to work with the U.K based organisation called Teach a Man to Fish. They work with schools to set up businesses which are self-funding and profitable. The students discover their entrepreneurial skills and learn to write a business plan, a projection of costs, list the steps involved in starting a business and then get a chance to implement. The organisation guides the students by sharing business templates and by giving regular feedback. This is done through their flagship program School Enterprise Challenge.